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Virtual Office Address Services in Dublin

Provide a professional business address in Swords, Dublin for your customers and CRO registration. Keep your home address private as Metis Business Centre will be displayed on the CRO website and all mail will be securely managed and forwarded to your chosen address. 

Information About Virtual Offices

Why Choose a Virtual Office for Your Irish Company

When establishing a company in Ireland, it is essential to have both a registered office and a business address located within the country, maintained and regularly monitored.

At the inception of your new company, you might not possess a permanent office space or a suitable address for your Irish Limited Company. This is where our Virtual Office service comes into play. By using our Dublin address as your company's address, you can eliminate concerns about company post getting mixed up with personal mail or misplaced company letters. We diligently open and scan your mail daily, ensuring that you remain well-informed.

Understanding the Importance of a Registered Address

Your company must possess an Irish Registered Address when establishing operations in Ireland. This address serves as the designated location for receiving all legal notices and correspondence from the Companies Registration Office (CRO). It is also publicly accessible on the CRO website.

The Significance of a Business Address

In addition to a registered address, every company requires a business address. Our Virtual Office services encompass our prestigious Dublin address, which serves as your business correspondence address for interactions with Revenue, banks, and invoices. This is especially advantageous for businesses operating from home, shared office spaces, or those simply seeking to streamline their business mail handling.

Benefits of Our Irish Virtual Office Service

  1. Professional City Address: Utilise our Dublin address in Swords, County Dublin, as your registered office and business correspondence address. A city address enhances your business's professional image from the outset.

  2. Home Address Security: We are designated as the registered office for your company, with our address being prominently displayed on the Companies Registration Office website.

  3. Reliable Mail Forwarding: Enjoy secure and swift receipt of all your postal correspondence. No need to worry about missing important mail. Our team operates five days a week, ensuring your mail is in capable hands.

  4. Cost Savings and Location Flexibility: Eliminate the need to rent and maintain expensive city property with a Virtual Office address. Say goodbye to daily commutes while still having confidence that your company's mail is expertly managed. Our dedicated team can serve as your point of contact for all your postal needs.

Changing Your Company Address

Changing your registered office address with the CRO involves the preparation of a form B2, which can be submitted free of charge through CORE when done online or outsourced to your online Company Secretary. It's crucial to ensure correct submission, as it notifies the CRO of the address change, preventing the risk of missing essential documents.

Changing your business correspondence address may entail additional administrative steps.

To update your address with Revenue, you'll need to correspond with them through MyEnquiries. If you intend to change your address with your bank, you may need to send them a formal letter indicating your new address.


Distinguishing Between a Home Office and a Virtual Office

Here are the key distinctions between a home office and a virtual office:


Home Office:

  • Physical workspace within a residential home or property.

  • Work or business are conducted at home or at the residential property.

  • Offers the convenience of working from home.

  • No commute necessary.

  • Worker must set up and maintain their own office infrastructure.

  • Normally used by start ups, freelancers, remote workers, or small business owners.


Virtual Office:

  • Offers companies  a professional business address without the need for renting or attending a physical office space.

  • Manages business services such as mail handling and administrative support.

  • Businesses maintain a professional image with a prestigious business address.

  • Allows remote workers and businesses to establish a digital presence in different locations.

  • Provides privacy as METIS Business Centre will be used for CRO registration.

  • Startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses regularly utilise this service seeking cost-effective solutions.


Metis Business Centre
Forster Way,
Swords Demesne,
Co. Dublin

Call: 018970200 or 0858314047
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